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How P&C Insurers Can Prepare for Self-Driving Cars

May 09, 2018

For decades, privately-owned, privately-insured cars have been so common that few people have questioned these models of transportation and risk.

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DigIn 2018: Guide to Day Two and Day Three of the Conference

May 02, 2018

Digital innovation in insurance are moving faster than ever — and this May in Austin, Texas, the DigIn conference will spend three days focusing on the change.

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DigIn: Guide to Day One of the Conference

April 25, 2018

This year’s DigIn conference revolves around the topic “Exploring Digital Innovation in Insurance  <>.” The three-day event kicks off May 14 in Austin, Texas, and it features not only an all-star list of keynote speakers, but also live demonstrations from some of the biggest names in insurtech today.

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Auto Insurance Report National Conference 2018: What to Know Before You Go

April 18, 2018

The Auto Insurance Report National Conference (AIRNC) enters its 21st year in 2018 with an April conference in Dana Point, California. According to sponsor Risk Information, this year’s conference features nearly every auto insurance provider in the United States, along with a wide range of specialist data and professional services suppliers.

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What to Know About This Year’s Financial Times Insurance Innovation Summit

April 11, 2018

The first-ever Financial Times Live Insurance Innovatio

n Summit, in 2017, brought together some of the finest minds from the insurance industry. The 2018 summit <> will do the same, digging deeper into issues raised at the initial event.

This year’s Insurance Innovation Summit is happening now in New York.

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What Would It Mean for Amazon to Enter the Insurance Industry?

April 03, 2018

Amazon started life as an online bookseller, a fact that few people today remember, as the ecommerce giant has expanded into most every vertical. The company now sells nearly every household item under the sun, and it appears that Amazon will enter the pharmacy market, as well, according to Tim Sandle  <> at Digital Journal.

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How Does a Digital Marketplace Affect Consumer Spending?

March 27, 2018

From giants like Amazon to digital DIY storefronts like Etsy, the digital marketplace has permanently altered how consumers think about shopping for every conceivable product and service.

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5 Obstacles to Automating Internal Operations

March 21, 2018

Insurers move cautiously when embracing automation and other tech tools, and for good reason. As technology changes the insurance industry, challenges arise that appear in few other verticals.

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Focus on Customers: The Anatomy of a Best In Class Digital Experience

March 14, 2018

An excellent customer experience isn’t just a quality experience. It’s also a quantifiable one.

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How an Omni-Channel Presence Supports the Goal of Customer Ownership

March 07, 2018

A customer purchasing auto insurance lives somewhere, in a house or an apartment that needs homeowners’ or renters’ insurance. A customer seeking homeowners’ or renters’ insurance might have a vehicle or two parked out front. And how many of these individuals also run their own business ventures?

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