How You Can Participate in Google Compare

May 18, 2015

Google’s recent introduction of Google Compare has been met with a lot of excitement as well as a good deal of uncertainty, however, with the reach and breadth of Google there is also tremendous opportunity. Bolt has partnered with Google to create a robust connection between the Bolt Platform and Google Compare. We will make the experience of connecting to the customers provided by Google, in a word, easy. The lack of staff or technology is not a problem. We have the expertise, the technology and the people to make entry into Google Compare a reality for your company. In fact, Bolt is providing an immediate opportunity to work within the Google paradigm utilizing Bolt as the engine. You will be able to:

1. Connect to the Google service with minimal setup.
2. Gain Immediate access to data. 
3. Effectively compete in this online marketplace using your appetite & controls. 

As Google Compare rolls out its expansion plans across the states, and, possibly, evolves into different product lines, we will be there to ensure that all those connected through the Platform can immediately participate in new opportunities as they arise.  

Carriers can easily participate in Google Compare by completing two simple steps:

1. Complete the Bolt Platform agreement
2. Answer a quick 3 questions Bolt Platform/Google Connect questionnaire 

Once these two steps are completed, we will be able to manage the technical work needed to connect you to the Bolt Platform and Google Compare with little or no involvement from your IT team. We work with you to ensure that your connection with the Platform is always current, which in turn provides a strong, maintenance free connection to Google Compare.  

Bolt has a multi-year track record of helping carriers leverage new channels. We’ve invested heavily in technology, and expertise to enable carriers to understand the nuances of working in a multi-channel environment and to provide consumers with the kind of insurance shopping experience they want.

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