Google Compare CEO Nicolas Weng Kan to speak at Bolt Executive Summit

April 22, 2015

On May 6, 2015, starting at 9am, Bolt is sponsoring the latest in the Bolt Executive Summit series regarding the changing distribution landscape and what it means to the P&C insurance industry. The event takes place at the beautiful Tideline Beach Resort and Spa, Palm Beach Florida.

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We are pleased to have Mr. Nicolas Weng Kan of Google as the Keynote speaker. Nic will talk about Google’s reasons for launching in the US, the launch itself, initial responses, and Google’s plans for the future.

In addition you will hear from Michael Fitzgerald, Senior Analyst in Insurance for Celent discuss what carriers have to do to get ready for Google Compare and their research into the future of P&C distribution. And Tom Hammond, EVP for Insurance Operations at Bolt, will provide you with detailed information on how to:

  1. connect to the Google service with minimal setup, 
  2. gain immediate access to data you may not otherwise get or have.
  3. effectively compete in this online marketplace using your appetite and controls

Google Compare is about a lot more than Auto Insurance. The inevitable question is - what’s next? Have you thought about it how this announcement will affect your business, your customers, your agents and your other distribution channels? More importantly, what are you doing about it?

We can take a lesson from the UK market, but these are different markets, in different countries with different regulatory environments, and the US outcome several years from now is very much up in the air. 11 years ago 90% of UK auto insurance was sold by agents and 10% by aggregators; today almost exactly the reverse is true. Google states in their materials that they actually want to help with the agent population in the US, thus carriers will want to hear how Google is working with Bolt and their carriers to provide the broadest and best consumer shopping experience possible.

Profiting from the newest shift in consumer behavior and the newest search paradigm is going to require vision, stamina, and a lot of hard work. The only constant in life is change, and the insurance buying dynamic is surely changing. Nic, Tom, and Mike will speak about that dynamic and demonstrate how you can benefit at this exclusive to P&C executives summit.

You will hear how Google Compare for auto insurance provides a seamless, intuitive experience for connecting with your customers online. Whether you’re a national insurance provider or one local to your state, people searching for car insurance can find you, along with an apples-to-apples comparison of other providers, in as little as 5 minutes. You can highlight what makes your business unique, whether that’s an “A” rating in customer service or better discounts for safe drivers or some other benefit unique to you. When users adjust their deductible or add additional cars to their quote, you can show updated pricing that matches their needs. And if you are an insurer with an Agent based model consumers can either buy their policy online or over the phone through one of your agents.

If these issues sound familiar you should register here to join other senior executives in P&C insurance companies, MGA’s, Wholesalers, and other insurance industry principals at the “Bolt Executive Summit” with Nicolas Weng Kan, CEO of Google Compare in Palm Beach Florida at the beautiful Tideline Ocean Resort and Spa on May 6.

The event is free for all senior executives in the P&C insurance space. Of course, Non P&C registrants are subject to host's approval. 

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