Bolt Joins Google Insurance Comparison Launch

March 05, 2015

We are excited to announce that Bolt joined the launch of Google Compare Auto Insurance to help participating carriers leverage this new important channel. As of today Google will be offering Google Compare; an online auto insurance site designed to make the process of researching and purchasing auto insurance simpler for consumers. We’ve been talking about non-traditional companies moving into the insurance space for a while, and it looks like the time has finally come.

Google Compare is another tool to facilitate the consumer’s shopping preferences. It will provide a seamless, intuitive experience shopping for connecting with customers online. As it is Google - they are all about pleasing the consumer, therefore they are going to ensure the consumers’ wants are at the forefront when it comes to buying insurance; be that directly online with a credit card, through a captive or independent agent, or even through a carrier’s call center. Agents will be interested to learn that they will be participating in this new important service as well.

So, how does this benefit insurance carriers? Google is a trusted brand with a broad distribution reach and this is an opportunity for carriers to offer products to buyers to which they may not otherwise have access. Carriers can use a managed connection through the Bolt Platform to leverage Google Compare quickly and with minimal risk.

Bolt can help carriers optimize Google Compare in a number of ways. For example, we can act as both a platform and an agency to present insurance options to Google Compare users. And through Bolt, the carriers can use a managed connection to Google and do not need to contract with Google directly.  We also add an additional set of capabilities and services to help the carriers fully leverage the opportunity.

Bolt has a multi-year track record of helping carriers leverage new channels. We’ve invested heavily in the time, technology, and expertise to enable carriers to understand the nuances of working in a multi-channel environment and to provide consumers with the kind of insurance shopping experience they want.

Overall we think that Google is a natural fit as an alternative distribution channel, and while it may not be what the insurance industry is accustomed to – it just makes sense for today’s insurance shopper.

**Check back for part 2 in our 5 part blog series where we will discuss how carriers can join early with minimal risk and learn how to better leverage this and other opportunities, as they arise.  

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