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New Year, New Frontier: 19 Insurance Innovators to Follow in 2019

January 16, 2019

From mobile apps to machine learning, innovation in the insurance industry is moving faster than ever. Industry innovators are exploring the new frontier of insurance through smart investments, creative problem solving and new product and service development.

To stay on top of the latest wisdom in the P&C insurance industry, put these 19 insurance innovators on your follow list in 2019.

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A Year of Innovation: Don’t Miss These 2019 Insurtech Conferences

January 09, 2019

It’s the beginning of the year and time to start planning events travel. 2019 promises numerous opportunities to learn, explore and share at insurtech conferences.

From industry favorites to innovative new faces, here are the insurtech conferences no P&C insurer should miss in 2019.

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Smart Homes: Are P&C Providers Ready for The Privacy and Security Challenges?

January 03, 2019

Smart home devices offer unparalleled opportunities to prevent or mitigate damage, but they also pose a minefield of risks.

On one hand, smart home devices could revolutionize risk assessment and prevention in P&C insurance because they can monitor building operations and send early warnings. Yet insurers must also be prepared for the privacy and security concerns these devices raise.

Here’s what insurers need to know about the current state of smart home devices — and how, as a means to prevent loss, they can offer great hope to insurance companies.

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Climate Resilience and Future Coverage: How Climate Change Affects P&C Insurance

December 19, 2018

Rising seas, devastating wildfires and warmer temperatures are all examples of how climate change is transforming our planet. In turn, more and more people are experiencing damage to their personal property.

To address changing weather and help people mitigate the impacts of climate change, P&C insurers must develop a multifaceted approach. From anticipating the needs of certain geographies to creating new, climate-focused products, here’s what climate change means for the property and casualty insurance industry.

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How P&C Insurers Can Confront Risk and Embrace Smart Homes

December 12, 2018

As homes become smarter through connected devices and monitoring systems, property and casualty insurers are seizing the opportunity to better assess risk and provide value.

“There’s a natural synergy between insurers and smart home tech companies since the overlapping value proposition is around prevention and protection of family and property,” Drew Doleski at Verisk says.

Customers value prevention and protection, as well, making the Internet of Things (IoT) a natural alliance point for insurance companies and their customers. As a result, smart homes belong on every insurance company’s radar.

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‘Mom, Dad, How Do I Buy Insurance?’ Reaching First-Time Buyers and Their Parents

December 05, 2018

As older teenagers learn to drive, acquire their own vehicles and transition away from living with their parents, they join the ranks of potential customers for auto and renter’s insurance. Since they are new to the process of acquiring insurance, however, many of these young adults seek guidance from their parents on what, when and how to purchase coverage.

Property and casualty insurers who know how to communicate effectively with both young adults and their parents can more easily build relationships with these new customers and their trusted advisors.

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How Comparison Shopping is Transforming Insurance Buying Habits

November 28, 2018

Comparison shopping for insurance has become the new norm. In fact, 75 percent of households shopped around for their home or auto insurance in the last five years, says Chris Rice at LexisNexis. Customers are also willing to consider other alternatives to traditional insurance. For instance, about 20 percent of insurance customers say they’d consider insuring their home through Amazon or Google, according to Don Jergler  <> at Insurance Journal.

Customers expect their insurance to provide value. They expect their buying experience to be personalized, streamlined and straightforward. And they’re willing to switch insurers to get it.

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Can You Insure a Tiny House? The Challenge of Alternative Housing for P&C Insurers

November 21, 2018

From rising housing costs to shifting attitudes toward minimalism and sustainability, there are many factors driving changes in the housing market. In response, more people are opting to live in tiny houses, prefabricated homes and repurposed vessels like shipping containers.

These homes are affordable, but they can pose challenges for the property and casualty insurance industry — especially when homeowners build them by hand.

As the alternative housing market continues to grow, here are the challenges, risks and strategies P&C insurers should know.

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Marriage Trends: Insurance Rates in an Era of New Relationship Norms

November 14, 2018

About 50 percent of US adults are married today. While this number has stayed fairly steady over the past five years, it represents the bottom edge of a downward trend that has continued for decades, according to Kim Parker and Renee Stepler  <> at the Pew Research Center. Marriage rates have dropped 9 percent from 1998, and 22 percent from 1960.

So, what’s causing the change in marriage rates? Financial security is a top consideration for many young adults, says Benjamin Gurrentz, a survey statistician at the U.S. Census Bureau. Higher marriage rates are correlated with full-time employment, median annual wages and home ownership.

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The New P&C Workforce: Attracting Digital Natives to Stay Ahead

November 07, 2018

The need for insurance agents is growing 10 percent faster than the overall job growth average between now and 2026, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics  <> reports. Yet hiring in the insurance industry remains precarious with only temporary periods of stabilization, The Jacobson Group  <> says.

As digital natives form an ever-increasing percentage of the workforce, this tech-savvy demographic will become the backbone of our organizations. Ed Kooijman  <>, head of operations at 12CU, adds that many traditional organizations will adopt digital natives as leaders as a key strategy for getting ahead.

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