BOLT® Solutions, Inc. Defines the Solution to an Evolving Insurance Market at IASA 2016 Education Conference and Business Show

June 16, 2016

NEW YORK (June 16, 2016) – BOLT® Solutions, Inc. (, the leading digital distribution platform for the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry, recently instructed insurers during a speaking session at the IASA 2016 Education Conference and Business Show to use disruption in their favor. Rob Tyrie, senior vice president of professional services at BOLT, employed experience from a 25-year history in the insurance and technology space to elaborate on digital strategies insures can employ now to successfully transform and meet consumers’ evolving shopping preferences. Tyrie was joined by Chris Ritter from and Susan Seager Mairer from Westfield Insurance.

The session, titled “Distribution as a Competitive Advantage,” outlined consumers’ evolving preferences and how leading trends are changing the way they research, select, and buy insurance. Consumers expect carriers to provide the full range of products they need through their preferred engagement channels, and they expect smooth, efficient transactions. This evolution in customer experience standards has left carriers struggling to prepare for new and future distribution models, but according to Tyrie, carriers can use disruption in the industry to evolve into future-driven entities ready to face the new and changing market.

“The right digital distribution platform offers a complete solution, empowering insurers to meet customer needs for channel, product, and market access through a single interface,” said Tyrie. “Customers can receive multiple product quotes in one transaction and then rapidly and efficiently purchase the products that best meet their needs.”

The theme of the event this year was ‘People Passion Purpose.’ With over 80 educational sessions and three discipline-specific super sessions, BOLT stood out, for presenting solutions that allow insurers to leverage existing technology to meet the research, shopping, and buying preferences of todays consumers.

Special guest George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States, held the keynote slot at the conference, sharing candid insights on his eight years in the White House. He also spoke about his experiences with other world leaders, the nature of decision making, and a wide variety of domestic and international issues.

About BOLT Solutions Inc.

BOLT® Solutions, Inc. (, the leading provider of digital distribution solutions to the P&C insurance industry, is helping insurers transform the way they sell and market their products to consumers and business owners. Compatible with existing infrastructure, The BOLT PlatformTM provides a single interface that connects seamlessly with back-office systems and improves carrier reach through a vast market network of new products. Insurers gain the ability to bundle their offerings with those from other carriers, positioning them to meet all of the customer's needs without taking on additional risk. Designed to connect carriers and their agents directly to consumers and business owners, The BOLT Platform delivers the optimized solutions, and ideal experience customers expect today. BOLT is an Actua company (Nasdaq: ACTA).


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